Sunday, September 14, 2008

"few Very Basic Commands"

The following commands are the basic commands of Red Hat Linux.To execute the commands open the terminal window or console window at your Red Hat Linux Desktop.

[adduser student] to create a user named 'student'
[passwd student] to change the password for user named 'student'
[man command] to Show command details in brief
[what command] what is the command actually
[where command] location of the command
[which command] to Show exactly from where the command runs
[date] to show date
[cd directory] to change to the directory
[ls -a directory] to show hidden files
[ls -l directory] to show files of the directory
[touch file] to make a file
[cat file] to read the file
[mkdir directory] to make a directory
[who] to show who are logged in which terminals.
[cp source destination] to copy a source file to its destination directory.
[mv ] to move a source file to its destination directory.
[rm -i file] to remove a file
[rm -r directory] to remove directory

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