Sunday, September 14, 2008


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux product family is designed specially for organizations planning to use Linux in production settings.All products in the Red Hat enterprise Linux family are built on the same software foundation and maintain the highest level of ABI/API compatibility across releases and errata.Extensive support services are available: a one year support contract and Update Module entitlement to Red Hat Network are included with purchase.Various Service agreements are available that may provide up to 24x7 coverage with guranteed one hour response time.Support will be available for up to seven years after a particular release.

RedHat Enterprise linux is released on an eighteen to twenty-four month cycle.It is based on code developed by the open source community and adds performance enhancements,intensive testing and certification on products produced by top independent software and hardware vendors such as Dell,IBM,BEA and Oracle.Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a high degree of standardization through its support for seven processor architectures (Intel x86-compatible,Intel Itanium 2,AMD AMD64/Intel EM64T,IBM PowerPC on server iSeries and eServer pSeries and IBM mainframe on eServer zSeries and S/390.)

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