Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0 in Graphical Mode"

1.Boot your system from the CD,this will start anaconda,the Red Hat Enterprise Linux installer
2.Press Enter at the boot:prompt
3.Choose the appropriate language for your region.
4.Choose the appropriate keyboard for your region
5.Choose NFS image for the installation method
6.You will now be prompted to do some network configuration.Select "Use dynamic IP configuration(DHCP)".Deselect IPv6 support
7.Enter the following information to configure the installation source:
# NFS Server Name:
# Red Hat Enterprise Linux directory:/var/ftp/pub
8.At this point Anaconda will retrieve the necessary installation image and probe the system for its monitor and mouse type.
9.Select "Skip entering Installation Number" and click next.Confirm by clicking Skip
10.Anaconda next checks if Red Hat Enterprise Linux is already installed on this system.If yes,it will offer you the option to perform an Upgrade instead of a fresh installation.
11.Choose "Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux" and Click Next
11.Create default layout & follow here my previous post of "Size allocation of different partition".and click Next
12.Use the default Boot0Loader settings
13.Choose "DHCP for networking" and Check "the active on boot checkbox"
14.choose Enable Firewall
15.Set the time Zone
16.Set the root password
17.Use the default set of packages
18.Click Next to begin installation
19.Once you have successfully completed the installation,log in as root and examine the following :
[cat /root/install.log]
[cat /var/log/messages]
[cat /var/log/dmesg]


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